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Localization & Translation

Speak the Local Language

With translation, there are often problems of intent and clarity when done on a word to word basis, as can also be seen with machine translations. Similarly a lack of professional editing can also lead to miscommunication.  Often, business and commerce texts lack the level of cultural and technical nuance required to effectively communicate with the target audience. 

There are often differences in cultural content, for example, different cultures have different understandings of the following:

  • Colors, shapes, sizes, styles

  • Images, icons, graphics

  • Societal codes; i.e. humor, etiquette, rituals, symbols

  • Societal values, power, relationships, beliefs

In addition, different cultures also exhibit different functional content such as: 

  • How dates and time formats are expressed

  • Weights, measurements

It is vital to adapt your marketing and product content to cater to national  market preferences in order to maximize cultural appeal and avoid causing offence.

Let us help you to bridge language barriers and adapt and refine your messaging for an international Japanese audience.  Our services include English to Japanese and Japanese to English localization and translation. 

Localization & Translation: Service
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