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Empowering Small Businesses to Think Globally

Sarah Louisa

Take You Global, is a fresh and dynamic consultancy that has an understanding of what it takes for you to take your small businesses global

With more than 20 years experience living and working in Japan, our founder, Sarah Louisa, combines her passion for working with people with her knowledge of global business and entrepreneurship to support SMEs go global. Her goal is to empower small business owners to think globally while maintaining their identity and culture.

As an academic, Sarah Louisa's research focuses on transnational entrepreneurship, specifically how Japanese start-ups establish themselves overseas and the mindset, identity and cultural elements crucial to global success. 

As a consultant, Sarah first began working with small and medium sized businesses in Japan on localization and translation projects, before branching out into intercultural communication training and team-building workshops, and eventually full-scale global business consulting.

With the world becoming ever more connected, your next customer doesn’t have to be someone just down the road, they can easily be 10,000 miles away! With changing migration patterns, the workforce is becoming ever more diverse, are you able to work within a multicultural team? Do you have the skills to get the best out of a global workforce or customer base? By providing a broad range of global services, we help you to think about how you want to take your business globally while still retaining your local values and customers. We know small business owners don’t always have the time to explore further afield, so let us do it for you!

Sarah Louisa has also worked in Austin, Texas, the new tech and start-up capital of the United States, where she was based at the IC2 Institute and in the United Kingdom, where she has been researching and working with entrepreneurs in South Wales. She is also a board member of GlobalWelsh and enjoys promoting Wales as a place for investment while also attempting to attract Welsh companies to Japan.

Having set up international education programs all over the world Sarah is adept at working in different cultures. A confident public speaker, she has presented in over 15 countries and is passionate about connecting people around the world, helping businesses reach their full potential. 

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