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Think global, be local

Does your start-up have an international growth strategy?

We can take you global.

Empowering small business owners to think globally


Discover Our Expertise

Do you have an international growth strategy for your start-up? 

Are you taking full advantage of the international opportunities available to you?

Take You Global is an independent international start-up advisory firm that exists to solve the critical issues facing companies that want to go global. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help start-ups and small businesses expand overseas. For those already in a global market, we provide engaging intercultural training workshops to ensure your business continues to run smoothly in diverse workplace situations. 

We encourage individuals to achieve their vision of taking their business global by helping them and their business to optimize performance and productivity in a new market.

We can help you and your business think globally but be local. 

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We are your presence overseas

Use our skills and presence on the ground to be your eyes and ears in another country. We provide services to act as your brand ambassador at trade shows and conferences. You can rely on us to  deliver the passion and story of your brand. We specialize in Asia, where we are culturally sensitive to the environment and can be trusted to help you adapt to the market.

Intercultural/Relocation Training

Being Culturally Sensitive

With years of multicultural experience in Japan and overseas, our team can provide intercultural training for clients wishing to work in international contexts and can provide bespoke relocation training. Let us help you navigate the culture to quickly and efficiently increase your potential international growth.

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Localization & Translation

Speak the Local Language

Let us help you to bridge language barriers and adapt and refine your messaging for an international audience.  We can help you understand the difference between translation, localization and copywriting, and recommend the most appropriate linguistic devices for the best results.

Mindset Workshops

Discover your entrepreneurial and global mindset

What traits do successful businesspeople have in common? What is a mindset? What is a global mindset? Can you change your mindset to be more globally confident?

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E-commerce Support

Developing an International Web Presence

We can help you utilize Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) in Japan. By registering your products on in Japanese we can expand your market. We can also help you ship your products to Japan for holding in warehouses. If you are seeking to further your digital presence, we can help you access Rakuten, a Japan-based online retailer.



We can help you build connections with international private and public bodies, NGOs and NPOs. We can also support your local CSR activities and forge relationships with universities for R&D opportunities. Let us use our experience in a country where connections are at the heart of business.

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Trade Mission Support (Japan)

Maximizing your Time in Japan

We offer our clients trade mission support in Japan by assisting with logistics and reservations for transport and accommodation, providing appropriate contacts in the private and public sectors, setting up meetings, factory visits and observations and providing pre-departure orientations and follow-up services.


Market Research in the Japanese Context

We combine our insights and skills to help you understand your potential new market. We understand that users are not the same as market and can help you to articulate why and how you need to be in the Japanese market based on high quality market research conducted in the country. We can provide branding and positioning analysis to help you make the best decisions towards your future growth.

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